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  1. @ICICILombard i want to know the claim reference number for my motor insurance.

  2. @MKBHD it's about availability to receive parcel

  3. @itisprashanth plz create awareness. https://t.co/i3MXirpDaN

  4. @PTTVOnlineNews put a plant near this guys house. *****

  5. @ndtv @nitin_gadkari trying, testing? #morons

  6. @bhaveshytal @ryshah super cash is cheating technically

  7. @AmazonVideoIN hey. Can a account can be used in multiple device? and concurrently played on those devices? Have any limit? Clarify

  8. @MKBHD you are excited anything related to displays!

  9. #dravidanadu its not really about a new country. It's a way of protesting, sending a message to barbaric politicians

  10. @DxOLabs hey. why you are showing me https://t.co/l7XnKfjQT5 p ? it may not available in india but i could just take look t it right?

  11. @MyReTV why its priced higher than amazon stick?

  12. @_DigitalIndia @UIDAI what about already saved data?

  13. @amazonIN i have redmi4a deal in my cart, also shows time left around 10mins. but i cant buy. its my 4th time i guess. same case

  14. RT @MissFurioso: Tell me this isnt enough proof of aggressive Hindi imposition! The current govt is takin it up a notch to impose Hindi. #S…

  15. @ICICIBank_Care you there?

  16. @RBI some ATMs removed regional languages from ATM! Why is that?

  17. Kovai dummi raj. Kollakaranungala

  18. @AppleSupport just sent. Plz check ❤

  19. @LavaMobile so you sold me a phone with preinstalled spyware/malware. dont say its affect by some apps. u r doing dis deliberately 2/2

  20. @TimesNow Srilankan navy shooting indian fisherman inside indian territory. No one cares.

  21. @ICICIBank hi. I'm closing my salary account bcoz 140rs charge for money withdrawal from ATM. Will ask all my friends to do the same.

  22. @PTTVOnlineNews #NerpadaPesu Mr.Prasanna தி.மு.க ஒன்னும் புனிதமான கட்சி இல்ல but அதையும் சமைலிக்கிறீர் great!

  23. #TamilNadu #AIADMKMLAs https://t.co/laXiKt4KkU

  24. @MyReTV "Pay balance on delivery" is that in-cash? or could pay online?

  25. @HRajaBJP https://t.co/YKY81IjBuK

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