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TV Warranty Registration

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I've been having problems registering my new TV for warranty today. The registration form asked for a 15 character serial number and although mine has two completely different serial numbers, the printed one and the on screen one are different, both only have 12 characters and neither would be accepted.

The TV is a model OLED48A16B

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9 minutes ago, Alex said:

Have you checked out 

link hidden, please login to view

Try zeroes at the beginning and end.


Thanks for the reply, really appreciated.
I eventually got through to the LG online Helpline and after a bit of back and forth, whoever was on the other end eventually told me the TV had been added to my account. Nothing is showing in my account at the minute, only my older LG TV. I'm pleased with the picture quality but still struggling a bit with the 'Magic Remote'.

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      I'm writing this post simply to let other people thinking of buying an LG product about this experience so they can figure this into their purchasing decision.
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