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Just purchased a 55 inch G1 EVO.  Great TV but having problems with internet/bandwidth.  Have 300 mbps service through a Netgear Nighthawk C7000v2 modem/router.  We get the 300ish wireless speed until the TV is turned on.  Then it drops to less than 10 mbps at times or a bit more..  The TV does not even get much more than 30ish mbps on a good day.  I can’t imainge the TV is that much of bandwidth hog that it shuts down the speed from 300 mbps to sometimes in the kbps speed range.  Anyone have this issue?  Any thoughts?

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    • By superleccy
      Hi there
      I've had my LG WebOS SmartTV for a couple of months, but in the past week or so I've noticed it's really started eating up all my home's Internet bandwidth, even when I'm just watching FreeSat TV and not running any apps.  It's connected to my router using wired ethernet, so it's not a WiFi problem.
      I can only assume that one the apps I've installed is suddenly decided to download a ton of data in the background.  But which one?
      The only solution I can think of is to install my apps one-by-one until my bandwidth issue improves.  And that's what I'll do.
      But I found this forum, and thought I'd ask you good people if any of you had had a similar experience.
      Here's the apps I've got installed:
      BritBox BBC iPlayer Spotify YouTube Amazon Prime Video NowTV AppleTV Thanks in advance for any tips
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