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Hotstar TV language selection

ashfaq mohammed


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Please check your webOS TV version . The app's feature for changing languages is only available for web OS 4 and above. Sadly even I cant use this feature. Trying to communicate with the customer support for the same.

To check web TV OS:  Go to settings---> General------>About this TV------->TV Information ( click on "TV information" to know your TV's web OS version)

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1 hour ago, aniruddh kumthekar said:

May I know what is a "lie"?  I did heck with Hotstar customer care. They mentioned the new app has these features available only for the web OS 4 and above.

I meant the hotstar support answer is lie. Because I did used to change language in the app till couple of months ago. My tv is 2017 oled & not on webos 4.

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10 hours ago, aniruddh kumthekar said:

May I know what is a "lie"?  I did heck with Hotstar customer care. They mentioned the new app has these features available only for the web OS 4 and above.

Yes, you are right. Even I got the same response from hotstar now "Disney+Hotstar" that - issue is resolved for all lg TV's with webos ver 4 & above. They are working with lg to fix it for lower version and it's gonna take time.


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12 hours ago, aniruddh kumthekar said:

Hey! for my TV ( web OS 3.8) it started working.  Pressing the UP key and you can see a settings Icon on the top right corner of the TV, which  opens a language selection menu. Please try.

@aniruddh kumthekar  thanks for update, yes it got resolved.. just wanted to check if you face buffering issue watching hotstar. I face it most of the time on hotstar. First I thought if it was due to network slowness but doesn't seem becoz other all apps viz. Amazon, zee5, Netflix, YouTube works seamlessly. Let me know your thought on this. 

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