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LG store crashing

Siniša Drakulić


Hi, I have 42LB650V and software ver. 05.05.01 from 10 June 2016.

Not long after OTA update LG store just stopped working. It is trying to load but ends up kicking me back on Live Tv or source where I was etc...


If I do reset settings to default it will work just for the first time when I login. After that same problem occurs.


Tnx for help.

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Model: 42LB6500

Firmware: 05.05.01

Country: Brasil


In Portuguese: 

No meu caso o problema está com o app da NetFlix, que não carrega mais os vídeos. Quando carrega roda somente durante 30 segundos, para e não roda mais nenhum vídeo e trava o aplicativo. 


In English:

In my case the problem is with the Netflix app, which does not carry more videos. When I play any video only runs for 30 seconds, stop and crashing the Netflix app.


Alguém pode me ajudar? Já tentei fazer o downgrade, mas sem sucesso...


Somebody can help-me? I try to downgrade, but unsucessful.

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Nothing changed with new firmware updates (05.05.20 & 05.05.35). Same apps cannot start: LG Store, YouTube, AccuWeather (and few more).

I try not to do factory reset because my TV is calibrated (I don't want to do calibration process again and again with every firmware updates). 


Also, my web app is incredably slow after 05.05.20 update (same with 05.05.35).



edit: After 05.05.35 colors shifted to red (skin colors are unnatural orange)!

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