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which to chose !!!!!

Jinxed Man


ok here's what I did guys and I would really appreciate your help, I went to the stores and I bought 2 TVs they are saying that I have 7 days return policy, so I have one week to play with these TVs and then keep one and get refund for the other.

I bought the LG 55UB850 ( uhd,3d, smart tv webOS)  and the samsung 55HU8500 ( the flat nOT the curved version, also uhd, 3d, smart tv )  both Tvs with magic remotes and all... now here's my thoughts so far the samsung os has the flash player so it can read any video without an issue the LG does not because of the abscence of the flash player!! for the picture quality I have to say it's a draw they are both pretty good, except for the fact the LG uses the IPS so it's more solid and robust panel but I am not sure that it's a great plus for home use... I saw few articles or reviews stating that the IPS has better viewing angles or vice vers ca  but I didn't notice that... now I have to say the LG magic remote is better also I noticed that pointer in the samsung os disappears when you enter some apps so you have to go back to the old way by clicking to move the pointer but on the LG it's always working inside all apps and I found that to be a big plus.

now regarding the operating systems it was hard for me because each one has its own advantages but generally I think the web OS is slightly better though I couldn't find multi screen function on the web OS unlike the samsung smat hub where I can have 2 screens simultaneously like web browsing and watching tv at the same time...

bottom line  guys I am confused and still not sure what to chose so please help me out and if you know any other details let me know I am going to take your advise

thanks a lot

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