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  1. On 3/25/2020 at 4:43 PM, [email protected] said:

    Here in Italy is available from yesterday 3.24.2020 when they update the firmware before release the Disney+ app.

    My LG65EPLA now works with a 05.10.45 firmware.

    The problem is that Disney+ worked fine till yesterday and now seems frozen on before the login screen.



    here in Italy my C955PLA is still on 04.71.05, no new updates


    hello at all
    in advance, sorry for my bad english
    i bought an Lg 42LF652V smart tv.
    it running webos 2.0 (fw 4.00 and so on... I don't remember exactly).
    italian tv transmission by tvsat and also wifi connected for internet apps.
    my problem... always, when try to open Rai.tv, Mediaset Rivideo, Mediaset Permium Play... after about 30 seconds, the tv show the message "time out expired opening the app, close the app or retry".
    wifi and internet connection work well, infact I can watch national geografic channel, google play film, netflix and other.
    Anyone have the same problem??
    Thank you


    la soluzione la trovi in questo post

    link hidden, please login to view

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