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  1. RT @farzamehsani: Binance surpassed Deutsche Bank in profits in Q1 2018. Binance Deutsche Profit: $200…

  2. RT @matthias_ollig: Avira Privacy Pal: Upvote! A simple way to manage your Windows privacy settings via @ProductHunt https://t.co/y28tKM5TvD

  3. RT @JamesMontemagno: YES! VS Code for default editor on Git! No more vim for me! Never know how to get out of it! https://t.co/LW3TPQynBB

  4. @ILOVECRYPT0 Do you think ETH will go lower than 400$?

  5. @BTCKYLE Saw your last YouTube video. Things are clear now. Your doing a great job!

  6. RT @officialmcafee: SubstratumCORES network topology is one if the cleverest ways I've seen to provide privacy and anonymity. Check it out.…

  7. RT @Avira: How to recognize #phishing: Hover the pointer over the links and you will see the URL appear. https://t.co/b3N7jHkuSN https://t.…

  8. RT @Bitcoin: One of the earliest VPNs to accept Bitcoin, PrivateInternetAccess, now accepts Bitcoin Cash. https://t.co/K5n1pvUkF6

  9. RT @QuintenFrancois: Watch what the CEO of @Ripple and @ethereumproject have to say about cryptocurrencies: https://t.co/zN66qEpuGz

  10. RT @HuaweiNetworks: @Huawei and @Avira announce their partnership on cloud-based zero day and malware protection: https://t.co/MfNhMWNuHr #…

  11. #aicucine #alegeriparlamentare2016 Hai la vot! La secția de votate din Ulm nu se sta la coada. https://t.co/IJJaIjdFEI

  12. The Web Browser has a lot of problems. On some websites full screen still doesn't work for me. I am waiting for new updates that will fix the problem. WebOS looks really promising but for now there are a lot of bugs and I really hope that they will fix them to make the product more stable.
  13. I updated the TV to version 3.23.24. It seems that bug was fixed but a new one appeared . Test case: 1. Open HTML 5 video 2. Press full screen from the video player. 3. The screen is black, fullscreen doesn't work. The good thing is that I found a use case that somehow bypasses the problem . Before pressing fullscreen on the video player press fullscreen for the browser. If you first press fullscreen for the browser and then you press fullscreen in the video player it works. Maybe someone is monitoring this forum and makes a list with the bug reports. @getmealive: Tried to
  14. I think I found the issue. When the HTML 5 video is finished or if the buffeting stopped and there is no more buffer to play the TV automatically closes the web browser app and opens a background application. There is any setting that I can disable this?
  15. Hello, I have a problem with my web browser. After 15 minutes of playing a HTML5 video it is closing and opening another background application. I have a LG 42LB65 smart tv. I searched in the settings for some option that automatically closes the web browser if it thinks that it's in standby or something. I didn't found any option. Also in the web browser settings there is nothing like this. Did anyone else have this problem?

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