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    Magic Remote AN-MR650 for UH635

    £49.99: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222200305243
  2. extrusion

    Magic Remote AN-MR650 for UH635

    I feel your pain. I bought a 2016 LG TV from the very.co.uk site, which in the title said "with Magic Remote" and in the description told you all about the magic remote functionality. I never got the remote, Very seem unable to comprehend the difference between the standard remote and the magic remote and looking around it seems you cannot buy this remote in the UK. However, I noticed on the lg site, one of the places you can buy from ships to the UK. Although if you decide to pay customs you will end up paying around £80.00 for it. I also think this will be the last LG item i buy.