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    Wireless connect to internet

    Hi, I tried to move to channel 2 and 3 (2.4Ghz) and there I get some internet connection, but very unstable. I even swiched to 5Ghz and got a little more improvements, but still very unstable. The ASUS used to be a good performing router but now I get this unstable connection. Still believe ther's something miss-matching btw the router and the TV. //Dennis
  2. dsimonse

    Wireless connect to internet

    What band and channel does the TV use? //Dennis
  3. Hi, I bought a LG 55LB730V and I connected it via ASUS RT-N56U to the internet. Both devices has the latest SW release i.e. TV: 04.30.16, ASUS: The network gets connected according to the Advanced settings but I'm not able to surf. And using the Smartshare on my PC works very random and secondwise. LG-store reports not connected to the internet. Any suggestions? Dennis