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  1. @George Hofmeister ROKU is not supported in Poland in terms of apps. I stand by LG, found quite inexpensive tv with WebOS 4, 32", with everything I need, but I want this 42" for my son.  The only con is 50 Hz instead of 100 Hz. Besides this LG 42 is made in 2015, I wrote 2014. 42LB670V has the best viewing angle Ive ever seen in all tvs. I visit people's houses with tvs 4 times more expensive that mine and the comfort of watching is... incomparable. Second thing is that I 'm thinking about Nvidia TV which has all apps and full support in Poland.

    All electronic devices are twice more expensive here than in US.

  2. Hello

    I have 42B670V-ZA tv bought in 2014. This model has different numbers/letters depending from the distribution area. Mine is for Poland.

    Software version is 05.05.70,

    WebOS version is 1.4.0-2532 afro-ashley. This model was made with the intention of upgrading to WebOS 2 and so it was manufactured. In late 2014, once the tv was still on market, European and US (with a different name), LG Korea has announced that this model would not have upgrade. Nevertheless I think it STILL IS a way to make it higher or at least faster, as it was on a very beginning. Now it coughs after using 45 mins on Netflix or 30 mins on WWW app when watching film online. When instslling new app, it shows such data:

    Version of the app i.e. 1.1.1

    Date of last update of the app i.e. 20.04.2015

    Size of the app i.e. 105 KB

    Rating i.e. "everything" (???)

    Internal memory i.e. 850MB/973MB


    Does anybody know, how to do this either using

    service mode or 

    Installing some software from a memory card

    or in any other way? The problem is that the tv has not enough memory to operate apps. I cannot release the memory without loosing my settings. I live in Warsaw, Poland, but I have additional apps like HULU and Amazon Prime US which enables me watching US content (I pay for them in USD).

    Uninstalling other useless apps didnt work. Now I have only system apps and 3 more like Netflix, HULU and Amazon. I cannot even install anything more. LG support told me to return to factory settings which wipes all memory out. I dont want to return to WebOS 1.0. I just want my tv to work faster BACK AGAIN and maybe to use some other apps which cannot be installed due to insufficient space on card/disc and to install some apps that are compatible with WebOS 2. (Now they are not apperaing neither in Polish LG store nor in US store, once I change the region to US/CANADA/MEXICO.

    Thanks in advance!!!







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