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  1. the smartphone app for the tv is finally able to pick my tv up but that yielded no luck either! last week i called LG and they stated that there was an update issue which would be fixed within 3 days or i should go and return the tv!!!!!!!!....are they for real?
  2. unfortunatley not, the app seems to not support quite a few 2014 models including the two i bought, any ideas on how to use an external drive to update?
  3. got myself 2 new LG smart WebOS TV's one 4K and one just a smart 3D on the 4K one the LG store is completely available, as it has a higher software version the regular one just says "COMING SOON" (not so smart tv) anyhow, i called LG as when i tried to update the firmware on the non 4k one (03.00.68) it tells me there is no update found (they told me there is an available update but there is an issue with their system stopping updates) yet when i go to LG's homepage (http://www.lg.com/za/support-product/lg-42LB650V) there clearly is one which would take me to 03.00.85 .... SOOOOO, i have downloaded the files, and put them on a USB drive, plugged them into the TV, but cant find how to manually install??? any help would be appreciated!
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