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  1. Colonial High School Flag Football

  2. Facebook has been collecting call history and SMS data from Android devices

  3. Rapper Craig Mack dies at 46 - CNN

  4. Popovich rips Ingraham, compares LeBron to 'Black Panther' superhero

  5. LeBron to Fox News host: 'We will definitely not shut up and dribble'

  6. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Strong Taiwan quake topples buildings -

  7. Former Flint EM waives prelim, water prosecution moves to circuit court

  8. Want $5 to spend on Tophatter? It's like eBay, but all auctions are LIVE (90 seconds on average). Sign up now.…

  9. Not just another storm: what's unusual about the 'bomb cyclone' headed toward the East Coast via @Appy_Geek

  10. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Philippines Tropical Storm Tembin kills more than 100 on Mind…

  11. Watch: Seahawks' Jefferson tries to enter stands after fan throws debris

  12. Lloyd's Health and Sanitarium Fund

  13. @PandaExpress please make sure to not tell an person making an online order a time to pickup if it's not even prepa…

  14. RT @BlogXilla: When you delete Trump’s twitter account on you last day at Twitter

  15. RT @Kaepernick7: Great to build with @steveaoki ✊🏾 "The movement is contagious, and the people in it are the ones who pass on the spirit."…

  16. RT @kellycass: #Ophelia no longer a hurricane, but is strongest wind/rain storm for #ireland in 56 yrs! Schools closed, flights canceled,…

  17. Windows 10 Mobile gets its final death sentence via @Appy_Geek

  18. RT @RickeySmiley: Two #NFL players spotted a kid wearing a #ColinKaepernick jersey at #GameStop, and then bought him an #Xbox:…

  19. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Maria an "extremely dangerous" hurricane -

  20. RT @OCPSnews: BREAKING: By order of the Governor, schools will be CLOSED from Friday, Sept. 8th through Monday, Sept. 11th. Stay safe. #Hur…


  22. RT @ABC: Heather Heyer's mother inspires round of applause: "They tried to kill my child to shut her up, well guess what, you just magnifie…

  23. Save 5¢/gal on every fill-up with Gold Status at Shell! Join the Fuel Rewards program @Shell_US! via @fuelrewards

  24. Google Doodle honors centennial of silent civil rights march via @Appy_Geek

  25. Kaspersky in the crosshairs via @Appy_Geek