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  1. I had to take the TV to service. They say that they did a re-soft. _However_, I have a feeling that the problem I had may be related to network firewalls. You see, I had the problem with the brand new TV that I unboxed at my workplace (where there may be some tcp filtering going on). However, after service, I took it _home_. So I would know. Once home, the supposedly fixed TV had an even more serios problem: LG content store would just show a blank black screen. But the Browser worked, just as it was working back at workplace, where it had the original error. This time it was because of spotty wi-fi signal. I solved it temporarily with a wi-fi repeater, an then found a way to stick an ethernet cable into it. And now everything works. HTH
  2. Hi Vanilton, did you manage to solve the problem? I have the same thing on my new 40UF7787, behive-badlands (a slightly newer version, 2.0.2-453701)
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