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  1. I just backed The Good Life on @Kickstarter https://t.co/wEoB98ax0e

  2. @pcgamer I could never find these in EU. Shame

  3. @pcgamer Merry PChristmas

  4. @TheKarters Please just have an open beta so everyone can try it.

  5. #ESLOne #GAMEREADY #virtuspro via @NVIDIA

  6. @pcgamer Brutal Legend

  7. @NieRGame Hello. Can you share more details for when the PC version might release? Thanks.

  8. @humble @humblestore I can't find this game on your store.

  9. Model: 55UF772V Every time I turn on my TV, after switching channels a few times, a message pops up saying: SSU Ready. I can either choose Install or Cancel, and I've tried both, but nothing happens when I do. And it pops up every day, and it also shows the next days date. I tried searching for SSU but it gives me nothing. I wanted to try to update the TV manually, but on LG's website it lists an update for 03.03.57, but my software version is 03.20.05. So I guess that would downgrade my TV? Why isn't the latest version on LG's website? That's very strange I think. Anyone know
  10. RT @Rainbow6Game: RT for a chance to win a #RainbowSix Siege @Xbox One. Winners announced Nov 23 #SiegeDay on https://t.co/q7A3z2dTX4 https…

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