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  1. OK, here's an odd thing. The setting you mentioned above does seem to have been the culprit. Having changed it to/from "Auto" several times", all of a sudden, the 5.1 seemed to spring into life. Also, I've been trying to get ARC to work, but it looks like too much trouble, tbh. LG's implementation seems to be at odds with my other connected gadgets, so I'm getting strange goings-on. Back to optical for me! Thanks again Charlie
  2. Thanks for the reply, Shayne. I've got that setting in place already,though, any other ideas? Charlie
  3. Hi Everyone Not sure if anybody's able to shed any light on this.... I recently bought a 55UF860V, which I like a lot. I have it connected to a Pioneer HTP-072 sound system, which is working nicely, BUT I have discovered that I cannot get 5.1 surround sound out of the TV. I have tried using both the optical out and the HDMI ARC thing, and both appear only to output stereo. I've had a good old fiddle with the menu settings, no no avail. 5.1 works fine with anything connected directly to the sound system. Funny thing is, I could have sworn that it used to work- I previously had an HDMI cable in use that didn't want to work with ARC, but since swapping it with another, I have been unable to enjoy Netflix in surround sound. Really wierd. Any suggestions gratefully accepted! Cheers Charlie

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