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  1. @purkkaviritys plus the Hollywood comment was due to the prevalence of plastic surgery... :-P

  2. RT @fordm: Computer, show me the most Parisian crime possible https://t.co/G45eL3lorU

  3. RT @MalwareJake: I'm told that the sun WILL have more stable service due to use of "Solaris Fusion" which has millions of years more QA tha…

  4. Barnaby's retelling for the reasoning of the delivery of them to his house ("because the fees were less @ home") - best story ever

  5. Yep https://t.co/yTf040ZcxF

  6. Yeah, all of this... https://t.co/SpgLh0XuGA

  7. OS inception time... https://t.co/U2gxKktaGF

  8. RT @ravichandar: A civil engineering marvel 😳 https://t.co/C2qs9emPvE

  9. @jaimenina @NathanFillion My wife is still dealing with CML (Ph+), well into year three and $11k monthly medication… https://t.co/Tjv1ormco6

  10. @dakami @ihackedwhat @defcon Good distinction, I know...

  11. @mzbat You you FB friend me, it's sort of my own version of Apple's walled garden, but for opinions not suitable for Twitter

  12. RT @MerriamWebster: Wakes up. Checks Twitter. . . . Uh... . . . 📈 Lookups fo... . . . Regrets checking Twitter. Goes back to bed.

  13. RT @hacks4pancakes: So many IoT problems source from us wanting the tech from the Starship Enterprise while forgetting our planet is run by…

  14. RT @fudgecrumpet: Right click on image Save Right click on desktop Graphics Options Set as Wallpaper Unplug keyboard/mouse Go home https://…

  15. Um, that isn't 1) an orchard and 2) those ain't pomegranates (most likely poppy fields) https://t.co/DLIdn3XE1o

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