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  1. Hmmm. I tried the setup several times but still no go. Problem is, my AVR also received a FW update. So the bug might be in that FW actually. Strangely, the 'add device wizard' does run a test during setup which is able to turn AVR on/off correctly. But normal operation, no go. I guess I will have to use my raspi to log all CEC traffic and see if the TV doesnt send a on/off command or the AVR ignores it. so boring.
  2. The new FW update i.e. 5.00.20 seems to fix the out of memory issue. However simplink power sync doesnt seem to work any more. Switching on/off my TV no longer switches my Onkyo AVR on/off anymore. The test when adding new device can successfully switch the AVR on/off but after the setup completes, no go. Vol up down does work however. I guess I will just have to leave my AVR permanently on till LG fixes this new issue.
  3. Same here. Lack of HDMI-CEC is a deal breaker. I just cant sit with multiple remotes. I also use Raspberry PI for managing all devices so when I press the green button on the tv remote, it turns on my PC (Wake on Lan), switches the TV input to AVR and AVR input to PC using CEC. Red button turns off the PC and reverts inputs. blue button makes AVR paly internet radio. What do you use raspi for ? (Sorry for off topic discussion)
  4. Thanks for quicky reply Deihmos01 ! Yes I have an AVR connected with the TV. Its an Onkyo HT-R593. Simplink is also enabled. I didnt get what you meant by "update was pulled". Has LG pulled it back i.e. its not available anymore ?
  5. Same issues on 55UB8500. FW 05.00.04. Can someone please change the title of this thread to include my model number. I hope LG is working on a fix to uphold the reputation of this awesome TV.

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