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  1. Delete recordings from WebOS 2.0 2015 TV

    Huh? Where's the panic? And I didn't say I'm the best... Just posting the solution in case others also have a new TV.
  2. Delete recordings from WebOS 2.0 2015 TV

    Yay, found it! I have to go to SmartShare, then recordings,then you have an option to delete. Why you can't do it from the main recordings page, i don't know. Anyway, sorted now.
  3. Delete recordings from WebOS 2.0 2015 TV

    Btw, when i go into the recording itself, the only options are start over and continue watching.
  4. I've filled up my internal storage and nothing else is recording. I want to delete the previous recordings, but i can't find the option to delete. I've got a 55UF850T. I found another previous forum entry, but i don't have those options on my remote or recordings. Maybe that was for an older 2014 TV. Any ideas?