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    49LF630V - Live TV issues

    I found a temporary solution for this. It seems that there are some troubles with decoding the "Travel Channel" and the "Travel Channels HD" channels. I removed them from the grid and now it's working fine. (the set would always freeze and become unresponsive only after I've reached that channel)
  2. Mihai Simionescu

    49LF630V - Live TV issues

    Hello, A couple of weeks ago I purchased an LG TV, model name 49LF630V. (it has WebOS 2.0, version 3.20.something) I configured the live TV using a cable feed and a CI+ card that I received from the service provider. It all worked fine until yesterday, when all of a sudden I couldn't really change the channel anymore (I tried using the TV controls, not only the remote, both didn't work). Aside from not being able to change the channel, whenever I tried chaning input (HDMI 1 - PC, HDMI 2 - Chromecast) it would just freeze. On top of that, the Guide app won't load. To me, it just seems like there's an issue with how the TV reads the CI slot. I tried using a set top box instead of the CI slot, and that works fine (all of the above-mentioned issues are not present), but the box is ancient and I am not getting any HD channels (1st world problems, I know). Has anyone encountered anything similar? Is there something wrong with the TV or the service provider? Anyway, thanks.