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  1. Hi Mike. The LG technician came out and to his opinion it was a certain part that needs to be replaced. Actually he came today😀 and replaced the FFC cable - a 5 minute job. Since replacement, I could pair my remote successfully and link the TV to Wifi again. No annoying toggle messages at top of screen also. I am streaming Netflix and YouTube to see about the buffering issue, and so far there is no issue. Although a bit soon to tell for sure, but it seems to have fixed my problems. The TV is a 2017 model. Maybe you should consider doing the same.
  2. After updating my LG 60SJ850V to version 06.00.25 software everything went wrong... Connected via ethernet cable and youtube has buffering issues. Get stuck for few seconds and then sped thtough for few. Has good fibre connection and never had this issue. Also when watching from external hard drive, the video's get stuck and giving issues where there never were any problems. Can't connect TV to wifi anymore. Message toggles between LAN cable disconnected followed by LAN ethernet connected the whole time. Smart remote has connection issues. This is extremely annoying. How can I get these issues fixed? Tried all the fixes that I could find for previous software update problems, but nothing works.
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