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  1. 550 camera availability?

    Hello, i am sure we are having similar issue...... you can get that AN VC550 on this websites in Europe...... http://www.mhr.pt/111053-camera-skype-lg-an-vc550-8806087161243.html https://www.franklin.nl/secure/accessoires-overige-accessoires/artikelgroepartikel/artikelgroepartikeldetails/20648-overige-accessoires-lg-an-vc550-skypecam/ http://www.redcoon.es/B605983-LG-AN-VC550_Internet-TV . So thats the thre websites tht you can get it but language barrier which you will have to sort that by going for the translations..... smiles..... So kindly inbox me on [email protected] as soon as you are able to sort this. Thank you!