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  1. Negative response from French LG support. They consider it "normal" to have to manually control captions that become active every time you change channels. No indication and no suggestion of improving WebOs with the general overriding toggle for captions. For this and other questions I am increasingly disappointed with French LG support. I have another similar question open with LG support about Favorites. The set does not save your Favorite choice (1 to 8 etc) and you must choose it again every time you switch on. In addition, the whole management of Favorites is pretty cumbersome.
  2. No the factory reset did not correct the problem. After the reset I did the setup for France and the antenna tuning. Then I checked the TV worked ok. It works fine with no Captions-Subtitles. I then changed the Primary Language to English (see photo), and immediately Captions are switched on every time I change a channel. You can see them showing in the photo. If I go into the Parameters, Accessibilty, Subtitles and turn them Off then it is still NOT permenant. They do turn off for the channel being watched but they come back every time I change channels. There is no general opt
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. This happens using either live (digital) TV via the antenna or the satellite via the dish, no set top box in use, only the TV. Yes when I hit select there are toggle type choices for language choice and subtitles (i.e. closed captions I presume) etc. I can toggle them between available langages or Off. This works fine. BUT I have to do this EVERY time I change channels. Yikes! And also when I turn on the TV - the captions appear to be always ON by default. I think I have been over all the options since this TV arrived for Christmas, but I'm still h
  4. Hi, LG OLED CX 48 installed in France. As soon as I use « Original language » for the audio the subtitles are switched on automaticaly. How do I avoid the subtitles I did not ask for ? Have been fighting with this for a while. Thanks

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