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  1. Thanks for your reply. I live in London, UK. The model LG we have is web os lm630bpla. We just bought it a couple of months ago.. As you suggested, I went to the LG store on TV, but there was no Apple app. It's possible that we may have to wait for it's release here, so I will wait a bit. I'll also try and contact LG here when I get time. Thanks very much for your reply and I hope you and yours are well. Regards , Philip
  2. Could some one give me a step by step guide to installing Apple TV app? I know that there are a lot of features on the LG web os, and I'm gradually finding my way around and trying to use Magic remote, but would be very grateful for a reply. I'm 65 and I'm not that techy. I long for the days when you would get a physical manual! Thanks.

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