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  1. I think you're confusing me an another poster. I don't use sling or an n600 BUT it's all apps that can't open, and I only have 3: Disney+, Pandora, Youtube.
  2. Well I am only provisioned for 300mbps from my ISP so I have the max for my internet. I double checked and it's on channel 36. Bandwidth = 20mhz. SSID is 8 characters exactly. Any other thoughts? Is there any way to have LG chime in here or is this forum just for consumers? It's gotten pretty infuriating, it's intermittent. I may have to return it to Costco... the whole point of buying a smart TV is that ya know... the apps work.
  3. Model: 50un7300aud Webos: 5.1.0-3203 jhericurl-japoon Connected via 5ghz wifi 5 feet away 300mbps All of a sudden, none of my apps load. Disney+, YouTube, etc. I click them and nothing happens. Everything was working fine 2 days ago... Steps taken: factory reset, rebooted modem, Power cycled the TV (unplug for 2 minutes). The power cycle helped and I could start the apps after, ONE time and then after exiting Disney plus and trying to go back in, it won't launch. I try to reinstall the apps but they lock up at "installing" not to mention lock up 80% of the time when

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