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    Is my television broken?

    Same here, I was used to the super quick response on my old LG 47 in 550T. I see that LG are going to release a complete update for our TVs soon; A sort of 80% WebOS 2.0 see http://www.cnet.com/news/lg-updates-2014-tvs-to-web-os-2-0/
  2. wignos

    Is my television broken?

    Software update 04.45.04 has improved WebOS and things feel faster. Well worth installing.
  3. wignos

    Is my television broken?

    Great, the download is now on the UK LG Website and I have downloaded it for the install from USB stick. For some odd reason the auto update on the TV does not find the update.
  4. wignos

    Is my television broken?

    I have had a 55EC930V for two weeks now and WebOS is so slow compared with my five years old LG 47in 550. Sure enough switching off simplink speeds things up a lot. But then ARC no longer works. Any way of still having ARC and disabling simplink?