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  1. that seemed to work for a few episodes and then started flickering again about 1-2 hrs of use
  2. @td47 It has updated itself a few times since buying so I would assume it is up to date on all options I was using netflix through the TV so no cable issues plus just upgraded them just in case before this to 2.1 48 gbps cables so when I get PS5 I will be able to take full advantage of it Using my TV as the main hub and only outputting Earc to AVR for dolby Seems to do it on everything like PS4, Switch, Plex and Netflix/Disney/Prime etc so not internet issues as when I game it is just single player games no internet needed
  3. Screen flickers real bad and seems to be getting worse over time should I make a claim it is only month and half old or this normal, now it is doing this every few minutes? LG C9 made in April 2020 bought in early August IMG-1198.MOV

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