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  1. May have just answered my own question. I see the firmware on the TV is 5.5.8 and the webOS is 3.4.4..... I downloaded the Firmware 5.5.8 and that would also include the same webOS 3.3.4 I assume. Ah well.
  2. Hi Team, I have 2 LG smart TV's the one in question is a 55UH652V-TF. This TV is around 3 years old and on Software 3.3.4. All is working fine currently. The reason for this question is due to purchasing an Amazon Alexa. I only realized after the fact my TV was WEBOS and not ThinQ AI.. Now if I search for an update "over the air" I get a message saying I am currently up to date. My first question is if I am on Software 3.3.4 will it only search for patches of that version? It will not upgrade to a completely new release (4.0) by itself as It does say it is up to date currently? My TV has (TF) at the end of the model designation but LG seems to list generically for that model, Is this just a regional version? They also provide a software file to upgrade to 5.5.8, Will this work on my TF model via USB? What format do I need? FAT32 or NTFS? Cheers

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