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  1. No use communicating those dumb Zee5 support who are very good in giving automated replies. Get a Mi4K box for Zee5 and other apps. However use LG's preinstalled apps except zee5 for better quality and use Mi4K box for zee5, MX, etc
  2. Check your internet speed or inform voot service. Some apps require more bandwidth than others for a few select LG models. Try uninstalling and reinstalling app, but don't reset your TV at any given time at any ones advice. Applicable ,If other apps work well except voot on your tv. I am facing the same problem on my LG 55uj632T for zee5 and alt balaji only
  3. Of all the apps in webos, like hotstar, amazon prime, netflix etc. I face the problem of buffering while watching any content on only and.only zee5 and alt balaji. If it's internet /bandwidth then why not for other apps . I can view Hdr on netflix too without buffering or any interference. My Tv model LG 55UJ632.

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