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  1. Hi my setup is a LG 65UB9500 Smart TV and a WD My Cloud 4TB for storing movies (mp4 and mkv with srt subtitles). Files are downloaded with Macbook Pro and then moved to My Cloud Movies-->NameOfMovie subfolder. I realized sometimes when I browse from Smart Share app (from TV) and play the movie, SRT subtitles are NOT recognized even if they are in the same subfolder and it has the same name of the mp4 or mkv file. After many tries changing special characters of filename like dots, dashes, etc. nothing happened BUT then luckily I found a solution which always works for me. When subtitles are not recognized (SUB icon grayed out in Smart Share Player) I stop the movie, browse one folder back and from my Mac I simply rename the folder where the movie and subtitles are contained ( just renaming for example from Movie.2014.x264 to Movie2014.x264 .......note first dot removed ) then browsing again from Smart Share app (from TV) (may take a couples times to browse back and forward to refresh folders names) when the new name of the folder is shown I select the folder and then select the movie again and now SUB icon is enabled and subtitles are shown correctly. Note that I If rename the folder again to its original name (from Movie2014.x264..... to Movie.2014.x264 (adding the first dot again) , subtitles keep working correctly. By the way one thing I couldn't do is select different audio tracks from files with multiple audio (language) tracks (AUDIO icon is disabled in Smart Share Player). I guess is because Smart Share is accessing files using DLNA. The only solution I found quick and simple is removing unused audio tracks from file (mkv) with MVKToolNix for MAC. I Hope this solution works for somebody with same setup or even with different setup