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  1. It seems to me like the dialog above is circular with LG customers complaining that many streaming web sites issue the same error instructions, "upgrade your browser" and LG basically saying, "Not our problem. Contact the website and tell them to fix the problem." That is not an answer. That is basically a cop out saying, "to bad so sad, it not our problem". I really love my new LG TV. S But I didn't buy the TV to stream movies from my laptop via a HDMI cable. What's the point of purchasing a high end smart TV if the only solution the vendor offers is to either use a "work around" (stream content from another device) or tell the steaming vendor to fix their problem. Come on LG. Have your really checked to see what the problem really is with your TVs not being able to stream CBS All Access? Is the problem with CBS All Access that they are streaming with Adobe Flash. I really find this hard to believe. What I do believe LG should be doing is checking out what the problem is and then coming up a a viable solutions for your customers. Do you know why I can stream movies from Disney Plus and not able to stream from CBS All Access? Step up to the plate and give us some answers. If the CBS All Access problem is because they are still using Adobe Flash, then tell us that so we can direct our complaints to CBS to stop using Flash.
  2. I just checked CBS All Access Help Center. According to the help center, "Which LG TV models are supported by CBS All Access? The answer posted is, "We support LG smart TVs running Web OS 4.0 and higher on 2018 to current models." I have a LG OLED55BPUS TV (2018 model using WebOS version 4.1.4-5xxx) . Unfortunately, I am getting the same error message, "update your web browser". Yes, I am able to watch Star Trek Picard using my laptop connected to the TV via an HDMI cable as suggested. But that defeats the purpose of owning a high end OLED smart TV. So far, the discussion above is circular with customers complaining about not being able to watch streaming video from various website and LG saying there's nothing wrong their WebOS. Being that there are a number of website not supporting the current LG WebOS browser, I would suggest that perhaps LG should look into the problem instead of saying to your customers, "too bad - so sad, there is nothing wrong with our WebOS browser. What do you think LG?

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