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  1. Hi, I have seen pictures around the web of people having black bars when using the multi-view app. Maybe they are using another tv. I have a B7 and the bars are grey. Every issue I have with the app: - The top and bottom bars are grey - You have to turn off hdmi-cec - Every input shows as 16:9, with black bars if the signal is not 16:9 There doesn't seem to be any 3rd party app alternative available, also I looked into if I could make a webos app but from the few minutes I looked into it, it seems you can not access hdmi inputs from a 3rd party app. As a last resort, is it possible to downgrade the webos version to one that has the app with black bars? Playing co-op games in splitscreen from two PCs, each in 8:9 aspect ratio would be cool..

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