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  1. I've just installed LG TV Plus on android and surprisingly, this way I was able to install update. And yes, it did not change anything regarding unable to load user agreements
  2. Hi Same here in Poland - new LG C9 55. Maybe they really has some servers problems. However what is worring for me me, I can't update firmware, even from USB When I try to update online, I have information that version 04.70.05 is available. But, after requesting update, there is a message: "Software update cant be applied to the TV" I also tried to download update to USB from the LG website, there is a version 04.71.05. Update starts and works several minutes till 100%, but then, gives the same message and update is not finalized. Can you (who have problem with loading user agreements), can check if you have same issues with update ? Regards Wojtek
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