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  1. Hi It seems a common question around the web, but I would like to hear your thoughts. I have a LG 65SM8200PLA 65" LED UltraHD 4K (webos 4.5), that works like a charm in all aspects. Today I've paid and installed Plex to watch my movies on tv, wich works fine. I like tv shows from korea, and these movies come with external subtitles in format .SRT, these files are encoded with UTF8, and when I want to see the movie from flex via dlna on the tv, it doesnt recognize the subtitle, like it the subtitles didnt exist. From another post, Ive tried to edit the SRT file, and changed it to ASCII, then, I refreshed the content on the media server, played the movie, and the subtitle file was recognized on the tv. Since I have many sbutitles, its a pain to manually change the files. I must say too, that its thard to believe that a 2019 tv can't read or recognize SRT with UTF8. Maybe ive missed something, but I couldnt find more things to try. Any tip to avoid converting files each time I want to see a movie with external subtitles with utf8? Thanks in advance. Regards

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