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  1. See this post: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2591-factory-mode-floating-text-box/#comment-14233
  2. I'm definitely not an expert, but in today's world, your download speed is slow. I believe the bigger the screen size and more resolution a device has, more info has to be downloaded for a given image - a phone screen doesn't need much, but a 86", probably 4K or better TV, needs a lot more. I'd love to have someone with more knowledge than I confirm my thoughts.
  3. I had this same "Factory Mode" problem when replacing the main board (EBT64292506) on my not quite 3 year old OLED55B6P-U TV. Did some web searching and found an LG "Factory SVC Remocon" MKJ39170828 - it has the "In Stop" button. Purchased it for less than $10. One push of the button and my TV was back to user mode ready for initial setup.

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