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  1. To fix the problem with all smart tvs is for the factory to install at least 64 G of ram on all tvs as with my phone i have 64 g of ram and it still could use more but that would be to smart for them i can not see why the cost would be the issue ram is cheep now a days ,Next time you buy a smart tv ask how much ram it has if it dont have 64 g and it wont dont buy it they will shortly fix the issue 1 g is just a toy. I got a android pad w 8 gig of ram toy junk i got a android 16 g ram better still ran out of memory then a android with 32 g works rely good 64 g would be best for most devices Get Smart ask before you buy I do now .a smart tv should be smart not to cheep . Anyone Want to buy my 50 in 4k LG tv or trade for a non smart tv ?

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