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    Is my television broken?

    The same thing for the older verions. Thanks for thinking, I keep an eye on the forums!
  2. Marcelloiets

    Is my television broken?

    The goal is one remote control for the TV, Reciever (on / off, volume) and the Pi, I use the normal LG remote also to fully control XBMC (OpenELEC). Toslink I have not tried yet, everything is connected by HDMI. It all worked fine until the delay problem arose when I connected the new fast Pi2:(
  3. Marcelloiets

    Is my television broken?

    Well I'm not happy with this solution, I have the LG wit a Onkyo receiver and a Raspberry Pi, the sound of the Onkyo and controls only work when simplink is enabled. A switch between the power of the PI is it for now. With my Samsung plasma al things worked fine. For now I regret buying a TV with WebOS.