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  1. I have a LG OLED C8 with the latest firmware, it should support the latest and greatest webOS features. The multi-view app is seriously disappointing: * Only have one mode (side-by-side) which is wasting a lot of screen space. No support for PiP (picture-in-picture) that is usually the de facto mode in way less expensive TVs. * Image is zoomed in with about 5% of the screen missing around every borders. * Brightness seems to be broken, everything is darker as if the black level doesn't follow the settings set on the HDMI inputs. * Unused background space is filled with an ugly light gray that is very tedious and no way to change it to black. * Apps outside HDMI inputs can't be set in a view. * HDR content can't be set in a view (this is understandable). Is there an alternative in the app store? Any way to petition LG to update this app for additional features?

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