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  1. So a very strange thing happened. My TV now can connect to my modem (Wi-Fi 2.4G as shown in my modem setting. ) and as soon as connected to internet, I got a notification to update my firmware to 05.10.10. Everything is fine but internet is a little slow when playing 4K videos from YouTube.
  2. I have a LG 49SK8000 and I have the same problem but my TV has not been updated it happened over the night. I have done the same things but it was not effective. Here is a quick list of the facts/my observations/things I have also tried. None of the other devices in my house have this problem. The TV is in the same room as the router The TV can connect to 2.4GHz and it's very slow I have factory reset both the router and TV I have tried various 5GHz channels and different a/ac/n I have tried disabling/enabling quick-start I have tried connecting via WPS

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