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  1. I have left my remote contol at home. I have only one TV button interface. You make to change program channel, Up/Down volume and Power off. You cannot launch applications using one button interface.
  2. User story: I have shared my mobile internet to the TV at home and forgot TV remote control there. LG Smart TV was unable to launch the Youtube app using one TV`s button. I have downloaded a mobile app to control my TV using a phone via Wi-Fi. Unable to find a TV on my phone the Phone and the TV in diff networks. Trying to connect the phone to the phone`s shared Wi-Fi. Unable to connect. My TV is useless without remote control. Issues: 1. Impossible to run an application using one tv`s button. 2. No web interface to control your tv. 3. No autorun feature to run an application automatically. 4. Unable to use phone as remote control via bluetooth without remote control. No input field to fill pincode on TV to bind phone and TV via bluetooth.

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