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  1. Thank you for your help George. I bought an Amazon Firestick which works well. 😊
  2. The model #: 47LM6400 This is the message I sent to LG: I have a 2013 LG Smart TV. I cancelled cable TV and tried to load apps on the LG TV but am finding it impossible. I have searched google to no avail and LG FAQs. When I press "home" there are only three apps loaded - Netflix, a Karaok and a weather app. I click on Premium and there is nothing. I have signed in and still cannot load apps. I want to add Amazon Prime, YouTube, Crave, etc. Is this possible? If so, how.? Thanks for your assistance. I finally had to call them and the person that I spoke to clearly did not know how to answer the question. She put me on hold and came back and said my LG TV was a 2012 manufactured model and what I see is what I get. She stated that I cannot add any further apps to the TV. I have a hard time believing this but ..... . Thanks for any assistance you may provide!
  3. The LG Content Store is missing from my smart TV so I can’t add any apps. It’s an older smart TV and the ribbon does not look like the newer models. Is it hidden somewhere?

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