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  1. There have been several threads about this over the past few months. The solutions ended up only being temporary fixes for me, I ended up purchasing a ROKU and it’s working well, and depending on how old your TV is, ROKU has access to more apps and channels.
  2. There have been several threads about this issue, which may be a a fatal flaw in LG Smart TVs. Here’s the rundown of solutions: 1. Unplug TV, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. Go to Settings/Network and see if any WiFi networks are listed. Pick your home network and enter network password if necessary. If that doesn’t work....... 2. Go to Settings/General and select Time &Date - set it to manual. Turn TV off and back on. If you don’t get your WiFi back...... 3 Go to Settings/General and select Quick Start - turn it off. Turn TV off and back on. If it’s still not working.... 4. Purchase a ROKU for $40, it’s simple to set up and is simply better for making your TV able to stream effectively. Each of the solutions 1-3 above worked temporarily on my TV, but after 2 weeks of fussing around with the LG system, I went the ROKU route, and never looked back.
  3. I ended up buying a ROKU. I think it’s probably a better WiFi system than the one built into the TV. Just think of it as your replacement WiFi , that cost you $40. I gave up on the LG WiFi a month ago, and it’s such a relief to have reliable WiFi connected to my TV.

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