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  1. We spend a lakh rupees and buying LG smart TV but why you not support new apps which the mobile device release to have Live channels? then what is the purpose of going for a smart TV, is this just to view Amazon and YouTube even small companies are started providing support on some of the apps, Also not getting upgraded to old LED TVs too.., do you think every year we need to buy latest version TVs? Also your technicians are really pathetic where they always talk negative rather positive on TVs and features also some they not aware of the features too..., they only look for money where we need to spend and get AMC and not support of current updates and new features of the TV. it would be helpful if you can upgrade WebOS to support apps like Airtel Xtream, Jio etc....,
  2. LG will bring Jio TV app ? which is available in android version. investing a lacks rupees with LG and cannot go for another TV for additional functionality. will LG see through it and help customers in India to provide option of easy download in LG WEBOS?
  3. i have 65inch and 43inch led with me, i can see the hotstar app in 65 where as i cannot see the same in 43 please advice

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