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  1. Okay I tried this: I disabled quickstart (In general settings) turn off tv and unplugged it. waited 1 minute and turned on again. Now wifi can be turned on and I turned it on. Menus are still very very slow. But wifi is active entered my wifi password and message is: unable to connect network unknown issue has occurred please check the status and try again cancel-retry I entered password several times carefully using "sow password" option but no luck. I wish I would disable wesob auto-update feature... I'm trying to use and test my tv and is completely rubbish. There's no way I can use this remote on such a slow device.
  2. YES... Two days ago my tv auto-updated itself to version 05.80.20. I had several connection problems after update but somehow it worked. Today when I open youtube app I was sitting close to television and I saw something bottom of screen like "/mc_....something folder..... something" as text, like subtitle. It was vey fast I cold not read it completely. If I wasn't close to tv I would never pay attention. I'm in computer business and I can say something is very very wrong with new webOS version. After this message wifi comletely turned off and cannot be turned on again. Settings menu slow as hell. No internet related application running. When I enter network settings, It says Wifi not connected. When I enter wifi options it shows wifi as "ON" for one or two seconds and it turns to "OFF". No matter how I click to red switch on screen with remote, I cannot turn it on. It stays "OFF". Tunring off and on television, also unplugging from ians power and waitin couple of minuted wont help. Modem is working, all other devices are perfectly functioning. Just to be sure I disconnected every other device at home and power off and on my modem. But no luck. I use netflix and youtube all the time (literally 24 hours a day) and these apps didn't updated. Also I'm very familiar to these application speed, response times and I use them continuously. So problem must be Webos. I used ethernet cable to connect and now it works, slow in noticeable and boring level but works. youtube videos shows up very very slow but they play. I see lots of "turning and rolling balls" (busy animated icon) on screen but anyways. videos play fine. Netflix also waits too long before asking user, as youtube, but works. This new OS really messed up my device. One month earlier and I would have guarantee, now I don't have, its ended. Such a shame on LG. Just one year old tv and this slow response times already make me not to use youtube application which is critical for my work.

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