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  1. True, we in USA need to wait!
  2. It’s incorrect, they have not even opened it for USA on webos 4.10
  3. No, I still don’t have the app on my lg store.
  4. Thanks balagemer, I still don’t have it, what is your webOS version, also not sure if it depends on region. I am from USA, where are you from?
  5. I have the c8 model, I had an update yesterday on the WebOS but dint see hotstar. May be need to wait a little more
  6. I am on Webos 4.10.31 which is the latest update for my Tv, it’s a 2018 model as well. But I still don’t see the hotstar app
  7. I don’t see the app on lg oled tv, am I missing any setting

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