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  1. Finally Hotstar app available for download on 2018 smart tvs after update able to access the app for Hotstar
  2. Finally Hotstar app is live on webs after software update
  3. Mr. George, Its the false advertisements of your company that prompted me to buy your TV, so if you think you are wise enough, please let me know how to return your tv that was bought 2 days back and get a refund, if not please try acting smart, because you are not as smart as your tv too
  4. Hello, I don't see a reason being a smart tv, that you don't have the options of having apps like Hotstart and Sony Liv, could you give me the explanation as to what is so smart in your TV, when I can purchase an android tv which is bigger and full hd at a cheaper price and that is really smart, regretting purchasing this TV which is not smart at all

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