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  1. I Normally do my research on electronics devices - this one was different...Ordered from a corporate gift catalog...Nothing else there that I remotely wanted and I needed a new TV for my bedroom. So far, I'm not impressed with LG. My first set came with a vertical line running top to bottom. I was told that LG would not take it back - they'd send someone out to repair it or decide if it needed to be replaced with a refurb. I had to scream that that was completely unacceptable for a brand new set before they sent me a new one - and even then, they made sure they had my DOA set back before they thought about shipping the new one...and I was also told - We did this (shipped a new one) as a courtesy - if the new one comes broken, you're basically out of luck and will have to follow the rules (ie, have LG send a repair person).
  2. It's LG's product - if LG wants to appeal to the broadest audience, they can cut deals with the major providers. Leaving out HBO is huge. I had been thinking about picking up an LG OLED to replace my now aging family room set, but there's no way I'm spending >$2000 if it doesn't include everything I routinely watch - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, SHO directly on the set without needed yet another box with yet another interface
  3. Hmm - I just tried that - got through the login (painfully) but can't play video - something about Adobe I think (it was late night / not 100% sure)
  4. That really is lousy - I already have HBO with my DirecTV subscription. There's no way I'm going to pay $15/month for a second subscription. I can't believe in 2018, I need to get a Roku or other device to play one of the most watched OTT stations! How does LG not include all of the top 10 providers - Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Starz, Showtime, MLB, Youtube, CBS All Access, Sling TV. HBO has over 2 million subscribers - How do you leave them out?

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