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  1. If I do that it opens to a pop up screen asking if I want to search inputs.
  2. I have a b7. There are no channel plus or live plus option in any menu.
  3. Unfortunately I am in America and this is not an option on our menus. I posted this on a few forums and called LG twice. I either have to turn my TV on to blaring static every time, or have it turn on to a HDMI input screen where a pop up window asks if I want to search for an input every time. The reason LG gave me both times was that a TV is built to use cable, and that won't be changing any time soon. I will be returning this TV for another brand.
  4. I just bought a lg b7 oled and have a problem. I dont subscribe to cable so I wont ever be using it on this tv. Every time I start the tv it loads the OS and the cable-less static comes on the screen and BLASTS through the speakers. The tiles for netflix, hulu, etc are at the bottom so I choose one of those. How do I stop the tv from defaulting to turning on the "tv" that clearly doesnt exist? Ive tried deleting the tile for live tv, and even moving it to the far right side but still every time I turn n the tv - static with the menu on the bottom.

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