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  1. @StreamCenterr signed up and can't even get to the site.

  2. @British_Airways Are you staff still striking on 12/02 ?

  3. @GAMEStratford @GearsofWar @xboxuk can I still come in and purchase one ?

  4. So i bought this 4k lg tv a few month ago for £1500 and since then it has been a pain changing HDMI takes for ever when chaning the volume up and down it takes for ever and ends up going to 100 volume or 0 I have had LG out 3 times for fix the issue they are now saying they can not fix the issue and will no longer be repairing it or even offering a replacment the only thing i can do is wait for an update. Has anyone else had this issue? I am very shocked with how LG have dealt with this and really wish i had never gone down the lg route and just bought a sony.
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