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  1. The main criteria for me was picture quality, and I have no complaints in this regard. Of course, end of the day, it's my bad I didn't check some things more thorougly, expecting some simple functionality is a no brainer for any modern TV. Obviously I was wrong. I have a €200 Android car radio, and it offers more than this €1700 TV, so I was in a way misled by that. I'm not sure if I'd choose other TV just because of the OS shortcomings, though. I can live with sharing screen for reading books and browsing the net, I just think it's ridiculous;) I would also be perfectly content without any voice control, but i find it idiotic having one which works with Youtube only. But maybe it's just me... True, I did not do any extensive research about this function, but I was shown how it works in the store, and I (wrongly) assumed it works across the board, not with Youtube only. Again, my mistake, and I already paid for it;)
  2. Hi George, thanks for the suggestion, I do use screen sharing with my Sony Experia tablet, and that works reasonably well. I just think it's a clumsy substitute for such a simple thing as an e-book reader. PDFs are not what I miss most, but I do read a lot of books in Epub format, and I guess many people do, too. And looking at the apps, I can only see two, one of which can't be downloaded, and the other I don't have an idea how to install, if at all possible (pReader and Popelli reader). And I tried hard to find any information about installing apps on WebOS TV, but no luck so far. I'd really appreciate any suggestion regarding this. Not that I think Android is a perfect system, but so far WebOS looks like a joke to me. I only got my OLED 55B7V TV four days ago, and I do love picture and sound, but after four days struggling to find any useful information about anything except basic stuff which is self explanatory anyway, I'm really starting to think about buying some kind of Android TV box, sticking it into the TV and forgetting all about other functionality apart from using it as a monitor. I don't watch live TV anyway... I could go on about browser, voice control etc, but this is probably off topic already, sorry for that.
  3. No PDF reader, no Epub reader, no nothing reader except videos, pictures and music. Great effort, LG, when do you plan to switch to Android?

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